My name is Chloe Maxmin, and I represent District 88 (Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson, and half of Nobleboro) in the Maine House of Representatives. I currently serve as the youngest woman in the Maine Legislature.

On June 12, 2018, we won our Democratic Primary with 80% of the vote. More people voted for our movement alone than had voted in any previous Democratic Primary. The turnout exceeded previous records by 40%. On November 6, we became the first Democrat to win District 88 Representative with 52.4% of the vote.

Our campaign was about doing something different. It was about new energy and real representation to fight for all of us. Together, we built a politics that was committed to our community, not a Party. We listened to each other with respect to find our common ground.

This is the work that I continue as a Representative. But the changes that we need to fight for our healthcare, schools, Seniors, planet, and all those in our community will only take hold when we act together. That is why we need to continue the conversations and engagement that emerged during the campaign season. Our work together is just beginning.

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