Wyatt Workman Interview

Interview With

Wyatt Workman

1) Have you had mentors who have helped you along the way? If so, how have they aided you? 

It was a combination at first of Kieron Williamson, a great painter in England who is my age, because I wanted to make art and show my work in a gallery like he does.  There was also a girl at my school named Lulu Cerone who raises money to help causes that she thinks are important.  She is really amazing; you should check her out. Then there is my mom, who gives me a lot of supplies and drives me to art class and is awesome.  My art teachers have helped me draw better. I also have a mentor named Zander Srodes who has encouraged me. He saves sea turtles.

2) When you first made your movie, how did you spread it around the Internet?

We didn’t do anything. It was crazy. We put it on YouTube, and people just kept finding out about it.  Then the Christian Science Monitor wrote an article about the show that I had and people started calling to see if I could answer their questions about what I was doing and inviting me to events.

3) What’s next for you?!

I like drawing and painting and want to spend my time doing that and also making cards and selling them and my art to raise money for Oceana.

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