Victoria Barrett

Victoria Barrett


A press conference at NY City Hall for the Mandate Climate Education Bill

This month, I am proud to feature a young woman who is working for climate justice in her community. I met Victoria at COP21 in Paris and am very excited to highlight her work on First Here, Then Everywhere.

I live in White Plains, New York and am currently a junior at the Notre Dame School of Manhattan. I have been working on human rights issues since my Freshman year of high school, after joining Global Kids.

With Global Kids, I have been working hard on a bill to mandate climate education in New York City Public School K-12. Also, at the Alliance for Climate Education, I have been working on an Energy Justice campaign with NRDC, advocating for strong and just energy policy for Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) and the NY Clean Power Plan.

One of my proudest moments so far in the fight against climate change has been participating in a lawsuit against the federal government for supporting the use of fossil fuels and forfeiting the public trust with Our Children’s Trust and 20 other youth plaintiffs. Another great moment for me has also been being a youth observer at the historic United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, France. Standing in solidarity with youth from all over the world and trying to influence the negotiations was an amazing opportunity. 

One of the biggest contributions to my interest in climate justice is my family being from Honduras and my grandparents living on the coast. Sea level rise is quite prominent in the community that my grandparents live in and other communities inhabited by the Garifuna people, an indigenous people with which my family identifies.

I’m really interested in International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy. In the future, I’d like to work for a think tank—such at the Council on Foreign Relations—or the federal government so that I can have a large impact on climate policy.

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