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Victoria Barrett

1) You are in high school, but you have already engaged a lot with climate policy. What lessons have you learned from the realm of politics?
I’ve definitely learned a lot in my engagement with climate policy. I’ve noticed that it seems like a lot of people do have the common goal of improving the condition and sustainability of our earth and climate. However, it also seems  like a lot of people do have their own personal ambitions, whether considered positive or negative. I think that’s just a reality of politics. However, I wish that it didn’t so heavily interfere with the ability to make tangible change. I’ve learned to present the information that a certain group might relate to more or find more engaging. You’d hope that a better planet would be reason enough to get engaged and make policy changes, but I’ve learned that’s not always the case.
2) The lawsuit with Our Children’s Trust has gained a lot of attention. What has it been like to be part of this lawsuit? 
Being a part of the lawsuit has really been an amazing experience. I think that it’s incredibly unique, which is probably the coolest part to me. I get to do media interviews and meet really amazing people who appreciate what the lawsuit means and advocate for our goal. It’s also cool to meet those people who don’t really understand the importance because I feel like the best part of being a part of such an ambitious case is in explaining it to people. I get to drop some climate knowledge on them. I know that my friends at this point are over with me talking about it, but that’s okay because now they know all the facts!
3) What did you learn from your time in Paris? What gave you hope? What was frustrating?
In my time in Paris, I went through such a dynamic range of emotions, experiences, and engagements. I feel like it’s really one of those once in a lifetime experiences, and I got to be a part of it while still in high school. It really just filled me with energy, and now I feel like I’m ready to do anything. I met people who’s whole livelihoods are on the line, and in a way that is completely different than mine might ever be. Those stories are what really inspired me, and with that came a frustration that they were threatened in the first place. Right now, I’m doing my best to channel that frustration into being the best activist that I can.

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