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The Center was purpose-built to effectively preserve, manage, and use archaeological collections and is considered a model institution at the local, state, and national level. Our vision is to sustain an archaeological center where artifacts will not only be cared for in a state-of-the-art environment, but where scientific research can be facilitated and the public can enjoy learning about the prehistory and history of the San Diego region through educational programs and museum quality exhibits.

The collections curated at the San Diego Archaeological Center date back 10,000 years and represent the cultural diversity that has always been a part of regional history.  The Center’s greatest contribution to the community is providing tangible history.  The museum is the perfect place to provide life-long learning experiences. We  interact with the public at large and provide an opportunity to learn more about archaeology.

In summary, the San Diego Archaeological Center is much more than a “warehouse” for artifacts.  Curation comes from the Latin word cura, meaning care.  We define curation as the caremanagement and use of archaeological collections. Care means that you prevent deterioration, management means that collections are organized and accessible, and use means that you use collections for scientific research, public education or cultural use. At the Center, we are sharing artifacts with the public as a cultural resource.

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