Students for Climate Action

Students For Climate Action (SFCA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering aspiring and current environmental activists through advocacy, training, and networking. The purpose of the organization is to engage students from across the United States on the most pressing issue facing our planet: anthropogenic climate change.

Our mission is to connect aspiring activists, climatologists, engineers, and any and all youth who hope to one day work in the fields of climate change advocacy, science, green energy, journalism, etc. By doing so, we will create a generation that better understands science, and create a cohort of scientists and engineers who are better able to advocate for themselves and their work.

Over the past two years, SFCA (previously named the Youth Climate Coalition) has offered climate-education workshops and trainings to over one thousand individuals. While we are focused on connecting students, our free trainings are available to anyone; workshop guests have ranged from sixth graders to sixty year-olds.

Last year, during the water crisis in California, SFCA launched what we called the #StopWatering campaign. We asked individuals to stop watering their lawns to both conserve water and show solidarity with those faced with extreme drought. Those who signed our pledge received a free bumper sticker.


The latest initiative of SFCA is called Citizen Climate. Using a blend of multimedia elements, Citizen Climate is working to create short documentary films to tell the stories of the climate movement by highlighting the efforts of young people around the world.

While climate change has produced a myriad of problems, thousands of millennial scientists, engineers, activists, and entrepreneurs have found solutions and given us a glimpse into the future of our world. In short, Citizen Climate will illustrate how young people have responded to being a citizen in the age of climate change.

It is our belief that, through media, we can build a network of climate problem solvers who enhance the work of one another. We are currently working to build an interactive map and database of youth-led climate movements throughout the world. If you are interested in adding your own organization, initiative, project, etc., you can fill out the form here.

More information about SFCA can be found at

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