Kazi Ateea

The Work of Kazi Ateea

In March 2016, FHTE features a young woman who using education and her voice to mobilize youth around climate change.

Kazi Ateea is a senior at the High School for Medical Professions in Canarsie. Kazi has been an active part of the nonprofit Global Kids and has been apart of their Human Rights Activist Project, working on mandating climate education in New York State grades K-12 with Resolution 0375. Because of their handwork and dedication, Kazi and the HRAP team won first place for the Social Media Award at NYU’s Social Justice Expo 2015.

Kazi has been interested in climate change and earth renewal from a young age, starting with the Green Team in her elementary school. Climate change is important to her because not caring about it is endangering the lives of millions of people. The youth, she believes, needs to become more involved and knowledgeable of their actions and those of people in power. Many fail to realize that this is the world they will soon inherit and this is the world that will fall into crisis because of the actions not taken today to prevent the effects of climate change tomorrow. The climate is the right and responsibility of the youth, so they need to step up their game and begin to take action.

When not advocating for climate change, Kazi keeps busy with other leadership roles and activities. She is the president of Student Council and PBIS ( Positive Behavior Interventions System), and the head of the Science Club. Outside of school, Kazi is apart of BSAC (Borough Student Advisory Council). She plays soccer on the Canarsie Campus Varsity team and becomes committed to anything of interest that helps others do better. Kazi was one of 20 climate Sheroes named by the Human Impacts Institute in 2015. She has created and facilitated various workshops with Global Kids, including her own Environmental Justice workshop for the 2015 Annual GK Conference. Kazi is also currently an ACE (Alliance for Climate Education) Fellow and will soon join the Green Thumb Youth Leadership Council.

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