Interviews with Youth Activists


Morgan Curtis (Climate Journey)
Shira Breen (YEAMN!)
Claire Morgan (Earth Team)
Cindy Stankowski (San Diego Archaeological Center)
Amanda Hui (Campus Cycles)
Yoni Kalin (Color My World)
Pavan Raj Gowda (Green Kids Now)
Sam Harrison (Kids for Climate Action)
Sachin Rudraraju (Community Recycling Campaign)
Tomas Lang (Green Events Program)
Alex Epstein (Philadelphia Urban Creators)
Avalon Theison (Conserve It Forward)
Kyle Thiermann (Surfing for Change)
Kristen Powers (Twitch)
Charles Orgbon  (Greening Forward)
Olivia Wong (Inspire a Child)
Olivia and Carter Ries (One More Generation)
Riley Carney (Breaking the Chain)
Gabrielle Nuki (The WRITE to Learn)
To read interviews with any of the individuals whose names are not hyperlinked, please contact FHTE.
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