Garrett Blad

The Work of Garrett Blad

Posted September 1, 2016

I create and share one handmade contemporary collage everyday on social media. My work explores modern concepts of nature, masculinity, technology, and space. I cut up magazines—old ones (#vintage if you are on the gram) and new ones. I splice together my thoughts, trying to make something beautiful out of what I see is wrong with the world.

My passion is building a just and sustainable human community on earth, so as a result I think about nature and political economy a lot. As a gay man raised in and surrounded by conservative communities for most of my life, I also think a lot about masculinity and sexuality. I’m fascinated by how our socialized identities inform our relation to planet earth, to each other, and to our politics. Collage is the perfect medium to make ideas crash together in novel and surprising ways.

I was inspired to start collaging after a project for an oil painting class at the University of Notre Dame. I had to make a collage and then create a painting using the collage as a source image. While exploring collage online, my friend Ellie show me the work of Beth Hoeckel. I was instantly inspired. The clean, simple, and raw juxtaposition of vintage images amongst moonscapes and deserts and pool scenes felt so far removed from reality and my imagination soared. Beth’s collages grabbed my full attention. When I stumbled on a pile of vintage 1960’s LIFE and LOOK magazines in St. Louis on a hot summer day in 2014, materials that I assumed Beth used in her work, I quickly ran down the street to Dick Blick’s Art Materials and bought an X-acto knife and glue stick.

You can follow my daily posts on Instagram and Tumblr @garrettblad or on Facebook @collageartbygarrett. You can view and purchase prints of my work through my website: For commissions and collaborations, contact me

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