Earth Team

EarthTeam empowers teens to become lifelong environmental stewards through experiential education, skills development, and the building of community connections. Started by volunteers wanting to continue the energy and momentum of a successful Earth Day event in 2000, EarthTeam has evolved as a leading non-profit organization providing hands-on environmental education experiences to over 5,000 middle and high school students a year throughout the San Francisco East Bay, California.

EarthTeam works with students directly via school based internships as well as with a group of student leaders from various schools who make up EarthTeam’s Youth Advisory Board. These students are responsible for planning an annual Leadership and Environmental Action Forum each Spring.  The forum is designed for and by students and features local organizations, environmental change makers and student groups who are doing their part to make a more sustainable world. Students learn about today’s most pressing environmental issues as they develop their academic and leadership skills.

EarthTeam offers a range of programs focused on waste reduction, climate change, restoration, and student leadership–all which help teens take on leading role in their communities regarding sustainability. EarthTeam is excited to launch it’s newest project called the Sustainable Youth Program, which offers school-wide support for a range of environmental education initiatives including teacher consultation, short term programs, field trips, student internships and general campus support for integration of sustainable practices and behaviors. The Sustainable Youth Program aims to meet the growing needs of students, teachers and schools to prepare the next generation to be valuable and educated assets in an emerging sustainable world.



Phone: (510) 704-4030



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