Earth Team Interview

Claire Morgan of Earth Team

1) When you’re talking with people about reducing their environmental impact, what message or idea do you find to be the most effective?

I think that the most effective method for cooperation in terms of understanding and reducing environmental impact is showing excitement. One of the best ways to lead is to lead by example, and–if that is done with enthusiasm and happiness–others respond to it incredibly well.  Oftentimes, when talking with peers, being open, inviting, and able to talk about the effects of climate change can totally influence a conversation.

2) What are the three key lessons that you would tell someone who is trying to start their own “Earth Team” in their community?

In order to start an organization similar to Earth Team, one must find a group of like-minded individuals.  Whether these people are focused on environmental education, outreach, or something else, banding together to create a support system is the best way to start an organization.  From there, setting goals for the group and staying in communication are good ways to have a successful organization.

3) Is it easy to get students in your area involved with environmentalism?

Students who are educated about climate change and other environmental issues are more inclined to reach out. I’ve found that after having an informal educational discussion about environmentalism with a peer, they are often interested in outreach of some sort.  The only thing needed in order for outreach to start happening is a little push from peers or an outside organization like EarthTeam.



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