The Work of Digna Rosales

April 2016

Alongside Global Kids’ Human Rights Activist Project, I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively with New York City students. Together we’ve embarked on a journey to mandate climate education into New York State public schools. In efforts to push this legislature, we’ve contacted local government officials and worked with other activists. We have majority support at City Hall, but still have much to do.

I also traveled to Europe to meet with Sustainaware, an international project that focuses on the inclusion of youth voices in sustainability matters, and–of course–COP21, the 21st Climate Change Conference! Before France, Brianna Johnson, my best friend and fellow environmental activist, Kevin Murungi, my GK mentor, and I went to Italy to meet with our Sustainaware partners. We shared knowledge about the environmental projects we’re involved in, in our respective countries. We took this collective knowledge to Paris.

In Paris, Brianna and I met with high school students for a cultural exchange. We encouraged them to become leaders in their communities and become globally aware of their surroundings. Then, at COP21 as a youth observer, I witnessed the heads of state speak about their positions on climate change and what they hoped to accomplish at the historic gathering. Brianna and I were able to speak at a Youth Forum hosted by UNICEF on our climate education bill. Being there gave me the opportunity to ensure youth voices were represented. After several meetings and no actual solution to lower emissions and reduce the rate and impact of climate change, we needed countries to have an action plan. We are determined to do our part by ensuring leaders take the necessary steps to halt the alarming rate of climate change. As an environmental activist I’m committed to securing our future on a safe, sustainable and resilient planet.

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