Digna Interview

Interview on April 14, 2016 with:

Digna Rosales


1) As a young person in the UN space, what did you find were the most effective ways to convey the urgency that youth feel?

I believe that, because we live in such a technological age, social media outlets played a big role in communicating and uniting with other youth. Being able to speak at the UN Space about the actions that I’ve taken as an environmental activist played a key role in grabbing people’s attention. Essentially, I portrayed sincere concern for the planet and others felt it too. Together, we were in Paris to make sure there was a solid agreement; now we make sure the heads of state abide by their promises.

2) How are you bringing your experiences at COP21 back home to NYC?

After educating myself and peers about climate change, the job is not done. There is so much that needs to be done with the knowledge acquired. COP21 showed me that talk isn’t going to get us anywhere. We have to follow through on our promises. Here in NYC, my presence at COP21 tells the local government officials that the youth are serious about climate change. At COP21, I was surrounded by hundreds of countries, and here NYC I feel their urgency as well. So beyond talking about how much the youth think climate change is a problem,  we are meeting with government officials and making sure our bill is passed. We are now closer than ever to seeing the resolution passed.

3) How did you find out about Global Kids? How can others get involved?

I found out about Global Kids through my school. During my second year of high school, I was in search for a community service site. One of my good friends, Kazi, introduced me to Global Kids. When I began participating I felt the sense of community immediately. It’s such a welcoming environment so I decided to continue my involvement. GK’s headquarters are in New York, but programs are also held in Washington D.C. Anyone in middle school or high school is welcome to join.

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