Climate Journey

Posted September 21, 2015

Meet Morgan Curtis and Garrett Blad—two youth climate activists who are biking from Vermont to Paris for COP21. Their Climate Journey, which began on June 22, 2015—will take them over 10,000 km of roads. And on the way, they’re collecting stories.

Stories are the purpose of their trip. Morgan and Garrett are gathering tales of thawing tundra, failing fisheries, and ebbing ice sheets. Their focus is on the human dimension of such changes and the injustice of the world’s continued dependence on fossil fuels. These young people want to understand what it means to have a voice in international negotiations and the global grassroots climate movement.

On their website, you can see the faces of people around the world who are confronting climate change. And you can read their about their experiences, fears, and hopes. Follow Morgan and Garrett’s journey as they bike through Europe, experience those on the front lines of the climate movement, understand power and practice, and build momentum towards COP21.

Garrett and Morgan are always looking for support and people to connect with on their journey. They have an on-going crowdfunding campaign and are also seeking hosts, story-tellers, and activists along their way.

To learn more about Morgan and Garrett, support their work, and connect with them, visit Also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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