What We Vote For

This post was produced with support from Clean Air Moms Action. All opinions are, of course, my own.

I am 24 years old. In my lifetime, the climate crisis has evolved from a challenge that could have been easily confronted into a monumental, world-changing, historic, unprecedented catastrophe that threatens everything that we love and care about. I’ve seen my home in rural Maine struggle under the weight of a warming world. I’ve questioned whether it’s ethical for me to bring children into this world. To protect what it means to love and be human in this world, we need effective ambitious climate policy. That is why it’s important to vote for a healthy, livable, lovable future on November 8th.


This election season embodies many pivotal issues for voters, but two stand out. First, it is imperative that our country avoids a Trump presidency. He is a racist, sexist, bigoted demagogue  who denies climate change, would dismantle the EPA, approve Keystone XL, and retract the already weak Paris Agreement. His policies on climate change and every other issues represent a destructiveness that would break the planet and the world.

Whether by coincidence or fate, 2016 is also a pivotal year for our planet. It will be the hottest year on record. On October 17th, 99 heat records were broken across the country. Scientists say that climate change exacerbated Hurricane Matthew’s damage. Drought and floods have also impacted communities across the United States. Meanwhile, our government continues to expand fossil fuel infrastructure that locks our society into decades of fossil fuel dependency. The climate crisis is reaching the point of no return. Many already say that 1.5 C warming—the level at which the most vulnerable communities can still survive—is an impossible target to meet. 


This why 2016 is about the fight to preserve the love and empathy of humanity. In the face of a Trump presidency and a global climate emergency, this means that every action, vote, and citizen commitment counts. It’s about reviving the power of social movements to impact our democracy so that what we love and cherish about this world is protected. It’s about reclaiming our power as citizens and understand what we’re willing to do for what we care about.

Women across the country understand that this election needs to be about our love for the world today and for the world that we hope for the future:

We need to vote on November 8th as our first commitment to building a powerful movement that fights for what we love. It’s the beginning of a new phase of the climate justice movement where we vote and mobilize and hold politicians accountable all at the same time.

We cannot forsake the power of politics. Whether we like it or not, so much of what we love rests upon effective governance and real, bold, courageous climate policy. It is up to our movement to ensure that our politicians articulate, fight for, and achieve those political goals.

Sign Clean Air Mom’s petition to show that you vote for love: http://cleanairmomsaction.org/

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