Students for Climate Action on First Here, Then Everywhere

Another month, another youth-led climate organization working to empower the people to confront (and overcome) the climate crisis. Check out Students for Climate Action, a group that provides climate trainings for all ages, highlights youth climate justice leaders in a documentary project, and connects young people across the climate movement. Read about SFCA and an interview with the Founder, Will DiGravio, here!

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  1. I hope all involved will research the concept “deep state,” which refers to the cabal behind the scenes that fundamentally controls those who run for office, and also those same when elected. It was this deep state, acting lawlessly, that was responsible, along other atrocities,for the murders of JFK, RFK, Malcolm and MLK in the sixties. The cover stories have been exposed as fraudulent by diligent researchers. It is this deep state that is our opponent when it comes to fundamental change, whether racial, economic, social justice, or environmental. We must understand it in order to win. Bernie’s campaign went about 80% of the way, but he refused to follow the logic of his own positions stated during the campaign. Jill Stein, our Green Party presidential candidate continues that effort, while Hillary will, as she has been doing, sabotage it.

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