Democratic Debate Is Further Evidence That The Climate Movement Needs to Build Political Power

A quick post to continue making a point…

The Democratic Debate on Saturday was a moment when ABC/whoever chooses the questions decided to ask: “is it time to change the role of a president’s spouse?”

BUT there were no questions about climate change.


I waited, Twitter open on my browser, to tweet furiously about the climate change portion. Instead, I ended up venting about the vapidity of some of the debate questions and the atrocious avoidance of climate change. Over 190 countries just signed an historic (AND UNJUST) climate deal, and it’s not mentioned!?!? The only bright spot was that Bernie mentioned climate change in his opening remarks, and Martin dropped the topic in his opening and closing declarations. Also, there was an ad from Tom Steyer, to which Miles Goodrich said: “let’s not have the longest discussion of climate change tonight happen in the ads.” Alas, it was.

I’ve written about the climate movement’s political power here and here in the pages of The Nation, and it is the subject of my work in the coming year. The debate further displayed the need for our movement to build political clout. If the role of spouses in the White House makes the roster and climate change doesn’t, then we’re missing a beat.

We need to become an election issue that is unmissable, unmistakable, unavoidable. This debate showed that we aren’t there yet. But 2016 brings a new opportunities to evolve into the political force that we need for our planet and our people.


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  1. All the more reason to have a massive defection from the corporate parties to build the Green Party into a formidable 3rd alternative. Anyone disagree with that? The Dems have been playing the “lesser evil” card since LBJ vs Goldwater in 1964! We then voted for LBJ because Goldwater was the warmonger, but within 2 years we were holding mass demonstrations against LBJ’s Vietnam War. Time to build a huge coalition of anti-war, pro-environment, anti-racist and pro-labor people to construct a pro-Constitution government that defends, not sabotages civil liberties and rights. Got courage to do that?

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