Harvard Students Sue Harvard For Failing to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Today, Harvard students sued Harvard University for refusing to divest from fossil fuels.

What a headline.

This New York Times article and this op-ed in the Boston Globe by three plaintiffs from the Harvard Law School say it all.

And if you’re still curious, then all the information is at www.divestlawsuit.org.

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  1. It’s a potentially effective path to divestment. In law the term “reasonable” is applied to situations. The science would at this point easily satisfy the criterion of “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That Faust acknowledges the seriousness of climate change, and still chooses to invest in fossil fuels, seems to be a kind of breach of her responsibilities, indeed according to her own words I read in the NY times article. If I were a judge in this case, I would have to rule in favor of the plaintiffs, because there is more than ample evidence, if it’s presented well, of the harm of climate change, and the causes of it.

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