Divest Harvard Fast for Divestment: #DivestFast

Divest Harvard is smack dab in the middle of our week of fasting and action for fossil fuel divestment! I wrote about it earlier this month, but a lot has happened since then.

As of right now, we have 227 people from around the world fasting with Divest Harvard for 1, 2, or 3 days throughout this week. We’ve been outside Massachusetts Hall, our President’s office building, during the day, and we are in dining halls at night–all in an effort to create space for dialogue about climate change and divestment because our administration will not engage with students on these issues. Divest Harvard member Talia Rothstein eloquently lays out the logic of our action in this Huffington Post article.

Each day this week has a different theme to tell the story of the fossil fuel companies that Harvard invests in. The themes (Monday-Friday) are: global climate change, frontline communities, climate denial, political obstruction, and divestment.

We invite everyone to join us for even one day during our fast. If you are not able to fast, then you can sponsor a faster! Read testimonials from fasters and see the beautiful faces of all those who are participating on our action website, http://www.divestharvardfast.com/. If you’re in the Boston area, check out our schedule of events, and join us!

Here are some photos from our week so far.

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  1. Talia’s article is very well-written and I think makes all of the key points. There used to be a fast-food commercial here and their slogan was “you gotta eat”. Indeed we do. The worst consequence of climate change is in agriculture. I heard an African woman talking at the climate march mention that back home the tomatoes weren’t growing, and that really resonated with me, for the first time in my family’s history, are tomatoes would not grow, we only got about 5 decent ones, and it is a very dire signal, because it shows that it is changing very fast. Talia is quite restrained by using euphemisms like “misunderstand” and “misrepresent” to refer to the lies that are employed to avert divestment. They understand what they are doing perfectly, but the level of greed is so high that even as billions face starvation and displacement, they can’t concede to doing even what the majority of their own students support.

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