YEA!MN Featured on First Here, Then Everywhere

Despite the long delay, First Here, Then Everywhere continues! YEA!MN (Youth Environmental Activists of Minnesota) is now featured on the website.

Click here to read about this amazing student group, their intersectional focus, and how they empower youth activists. Then click here to read an interview with YEA!MN member, Shira Breen.



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  1. I was listening to Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” and thought that we need an hourglass for climate change movement. Wouldn’t it be a good science project at Harvard to create a website with a graphical representation in the form of an hourglass? Just the co2 level for the 2 degrees red line could be extrapolated at the current rate of emissions and put into an animated hourglass to show Americans the urgency and gravity of the problem in a simple way. Please do it Chloe, it would help convey the issue to Americans at large.

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