Great Divestment Coverage

Bill Moyers recently did a fantastic segment on fossil fuel divestment with Ellen Dorsey and Tom Van Dyck. It’s a great resource for divestment activists because it covers the  main moral, political, and financial arguments for divestment. Check it out here, and the video is below!

The segment was followed by student divestment activist voices. Ophir Bruck from UC Berekely and I contributed. Read what we say about being divestment activists!



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  1. Her extensive knowledge of antebellum southern culture notwithstanding, Faust seems to lack even the most basic understanding of science, math, and politics, just to name a few areas, and is therefore unqualified to hold authority over the largest academic endowment. Whatever the role of intellectuals was way down by the Suwanee river prior to the civil war, it’s not exactly relevant to what’s happening to our climate in 2014 and beyond. Our hopes for a sustainable future climate will be Gone with the wind if her Fabian tactics win out.

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