Harvard’s New Plan to Confront Climate Change and Divest Harvard’s Response

I will post more thoughts about this (and some other exciting news) later, but for now, read this post from Divest Harvard’s website:

Today, Drew Faust wrote a letter to the Harvard community in which she outlined the University’s new plan to confront climate change. This is Divest Harvard’s response:

We’re glad that Harvard has recognized the need to align its investments with its values. However, there are still inconsistencies in Harvard’s investments. Harvard’s decision to invest in climate solutions is an important step forward, but the truth is that we still have $32.6 million directly invested–and millions more indirectly invested–in the fossil fuel industry’s climate destruction, science denialism, and political obstruction. We need to divest from the problem as we invest in new solutions.

You can also check out 350.org’s press release about this update!

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  1. I didn’t read anything in her letter about DI-vesting from fossil fuels, or did I miss something?

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