Harvard President Drew Faust Says Fossil Fuel Companies Aren’t Blocking Clean Energy Transition

Big news from Divest Harvard! Last Friday, President Faust gave a speech to hundreds of parents and students for Junior Parents Weekend. Divest Harvard members sat in the front row, spelling out “Divest” in t-shirts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.17.47 AM

After Faust’s speech, we followed her out of the hall and walked with her back to her office (with some police officers too…). One of our members talked with her while I filmed, and we recorded a 5 minutes conversation about divestment with President Faust.  At one point, Alli Welton (the DH member) was explaining how the fossil fuel industry actively blocks the transition to renewable energy. And President Faust said: “That is not the case.”

Faust does not understand the true reality of the fossil fuel industry and their stranglehold over our political system. So, over the next week, Divest Harvard will be hosting a series of events to show why this is the case. Stay tuned! Here’s the video:
We released the video and broke the news on ThinkProgress. Check out the entire article here.


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  1. I was struck watching the video by the big age difference there. The generation gap is perhaps part of the problem in solving climate change. I bet polls would indicate that there is a higher consensus among the youth agreeing that climate change is extremely serious, and anthropogenic. Not good, considering most of those in power in government and industry are older. I would think somebody representing a prestigious institution of higher learning like Harvard would be more intelligent. Divesting, just like rejecting Keystone, is a total ‘no-brainer’. To not, is untenable.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I absolutely agree with you! Youth have an unprecedented moral authority because it’s our futures on the line. Harvard, which invests in our futures by educating us, has to invest its money accordingly.



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