Fossil Fuel Divestment Gets a Big Boost From Philanthropy

Big news in the divestment!

Seventeen philanthropic foundations that collectively represent almost $2 billion have committed to divesting from fossil fuels. WOA. This is big for a few reasons…

1) Morality! Philanthropy is aligning their mission values with their investment values.

2) Economics! People who are managing a lot of money are saying that divestment from fossil fuels will not hurt their performance.

3) Theory of change! Even more national leaders are endorsing the theory of change behind the divestment and reinvestment movement.

4) Helping students! Points 1, 2, and 3 all lend credence to the student cause that is calling on universities to divest. We’re not the only ones who believe that divestment is working–we have the philanthropic world saying the exact same thing. Universities also have to align their investment values with their intellectual values. Universities also will not risk returns by divesting. And universities also have a crucial role to play in stigmatizing the fossil fuel industry.

Check out more details on this announcement in the New York Times and in the Huffington Post.


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