Divest Harvard’s Fall 2013 Kick-Off Events

Divest Harvard has kicked off the semester with bang! Our goal was to hit the ground running, and we certainly achieved it. In addition to introductory meetings, campaign planning retreats, and board meetings, we’ve also had two big public events.

Fighting Climate Change with Divestment: A Teach-In 

Our first public event of the semester was a teach-in called “Fighting Climate Change with Divestment.” Our goal was to present an introduction to divestment, the rationale behind the movement, and why it’s necessary from social, political, historical and economic perspectives. To achieve this end, we had four panelists.

  • Hannah Borowsky, Divest Harvard’s Faculty Outreach Coordinator, spoke about the rationale behind the fossil fuel divestment movement and why it is an effective tactic within the climate movement.
  • Professor James Anderson spoke about the physics of climate change the necessity to take action.
  • Professor Joyce Chaplin talked about precedents for action within the environmental movement.
  • Bob Massie proclaimed the political and economic arguments for divesting.

It was a moving experience, and we had a very good turnout. Here are some pictures.

Alumni Demonstration!

Divest Harvard had staff this summer working on alumni outreach. Today was a large culmination of months of effort. An alumni delegation delivered over 500 alumni signatures to the administration and met with President Faust’s executive assistant. We then had over 100 people rally outside Massachusetts Hall (where President Faust’s office is). Leland Cheung, a Cambridge city councillor, and Wen Stephenson, a journalist for The Nation, were our two main speakers. Alumni, students, staff, and community members came out for this incredible event. Here are some pictures!

So that’s what we’ve been up to. We have an INCREDIBLE semester lined up, so stay tuned for updates.

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