350 Maine

This summer, I am working with 350 Maine. I want to devote an entire blog post to this organization because it is an incredible all-volunteer group with very dedicated members.

Plus, 350 Maine has the best slogan: “350 Maine: the way climate activism should be!” (To get the brilliance, you should know that the Maine state slog is: “Maine: the way life should be.”)

350 Maine is a young organization that has been in existence for about a year. However, 350 Maine has become one of the main environmental groups in Maine for two reasons (in my mind):

1) 350 Maine does not focus exclusively on places where there are lots of people. They have local chapters across the state, providing opportunities for those who live in rural areas to get involved with climate activism.

2) 350 Maine is truly committed to building a grassroots movement.

On June 27th, 350 Maine members worked with local community members and other allies in the state to blockade a train that was carrying fracked crude oil through Fairfield, ME. The action was extremely successful, making news across the state and the country.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.14.45 PM


On July 20th, 350 Maine is planning its biggest event so far: the Sebago Flotilla, which is part of Summer Heat. We are expecting hundreds of people to raise their voices for a Sebago Lake that is clean, healthy, and tar sands free. (The Portland-Montreal Pipeline–which may be reversed to carry tar sands–runs about 300 ft from Sebago Lake. Why is that bad? Sebago is the drinking water source for about 20% of Maine’s population and a crucial cultural/ecological/recreational/economic center.)

350 tar sands june 16 copy

So, join 350 Maine in its efforts to build the Maine climate movement!


And RSVP for our Summer Heat event! www.joinsummerheat.org/me


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