Be the Friction: This One Article Will Rock Your World

When I read this article, I saw our modern world from a different perspective. Most importantly, I better understood my role in our society.

The article is called: “Be the friction – Our Response to the New Lords of the Ring” by Shoshana Zuboff. (Disclaimer: Shoshana Zuboff is my mother, but I’ve been reading her work my whole life, and this piece has particularly moved me.)

In this article, Zuboff analyzes the new “Surveillance  Paradigm” and reveals how the NSA and other entities have been using technology to surveil and control individuals. The only way that individuals can stand up for their rights and privacy is to be the friction, to raise their voices against unjust intrusion, and to advocate for a world that protects their individuality.

For environmentalists, it’s not just the NSA but also the idea that we fund social media, and these companies are clueless about the larger social and political consequences of their actions as they track and sell our data in greater and greater volume. 

Trust me; this article is the one thing that you should read this month.

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  1. We have magic at our fingertips, and for that we pay a price. Where does the need for control over our own circumstances – and for others to attempt control of us – derive from, My Preciousss? It’s from that same quintessential anxiety inherent in human sentience which has given rise to religions, and to so much of how human beings interact with each other. But perfect control rarely happens in almost any realm of endeavor, so long as imperfect people are charged with its oversight; thus, we can aspire to improvement of circumstances, while accepting a certain inevitable amount of surrender as a natural reality. Friction can accomplish much, but it can also wear you down, to no good purpose. The key is to find a balance so that we can have the necessary agency of action to create positive change and to solve problems for ourselves and others.

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