Summer Heat Action in Maine

Remember Summer Heat? It’s’s initiative to mobilize people around the country to take action during the hottest days of the summer. As we’re sweltering and feeling the effects of climate change, we are also organizing in our communities and building a mass climate movement.

I’m working with 350Maine this summer, and we are organizing an action on Sebago Lake. Our message? Keep New England Tar Sands Free. I’ve written about the plan to reverse the flow of an existing pipeline that runs through Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and transport tar sands through New England. We are still building a movement in Maine to oppose this proposal.

On July 20…

“Participate in the “Great Floating Demonstration” on Sebago Lake. Portland Pipeline Corporation and ExxonMobil want to reverse the flow of a 63 year old pipeline to push toxic Tar Sands oil through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. This pipeline runs near numerous pristine rivers and lakes in all three states.  At its closest point it runs only 500 feet away from Sebago Lake, which happens to be the biggest public water supply for the entire state of Maine.”

Read more and SIGN UP (very important) here:


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