Exxon Tar Sands Pipeline Breaks in Arkansas. Foreshadows What Could Happen In New England.

First thing’s first: watch this video.

Here’s what happened: an Exxon Mobil pipeline broke last Friday in Arkansas. What was it carrying? Tar sands. The video above shows the tragic results. It is yet another example of the extreme dangerous of tar sands and transporting this toxic substance across the country.

What’s even scarier–the Arkansas tar sands spill has eerie similarities to the proposal to pump tar sands through New England and Maine.

In Arkansas:

  • The pipeline was built in the 1940’s.
  • It originally transported crude oil.
  • it was reversed in 2006 to carry tar sands.
  • The capacity was increased.
  • It’s owned by Exxon.

In Maine:

  • Built in 1950
  • Currently carries conventional oil
  • There is a proposal to reverse the flow and increase capacity
  • It’s 76% owned by Exxon

It’s very clear that we cannot be transporting tar sands through our communities and natural resources. We’ve already seen the damage that can be done by a tar sands oil spill. Let us learn from history and stand up to Exxon. We say no to tar sands.




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