Why divestment is changing the world. From the Green America blog!

Three reasons this campaign could change the world

The next issue of Green American magazine will be hitting mailboxes any day now, and the theme is the movement to divest from fossil fuels. As part of our research, we talked to a number of different leaders in the divestment movement. Here are some things we learned:

It’s been three months since Bill McKibben called on students to divest their university endowments from fossil fuels companies. Describing the companies as “public Enemy Number One to the survival of our planetary civilization,” he laid out the math behind what will happen if the massive reserves of unburned fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere.

Students have responded enthusiastically. In January 2012, there were only a few dozen student groups working to green their schools’ endowments. As of this writing in February 2013, there are 252 who are pushing for divestment. The campaign…

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