Divest Harvard

By Hannah Borowsky

Last night, as I searched my desk for an envelope that wasn’t crinkly, I couldn’t have possibly imagined how exciting today would be for me, Divest Harvard, and our entire movement. I needed a not-so-crinkly envelope because I had a very important letter to deliver – a letter to Mr. Al Gore.

This evening, the former vice president came to Harvard to deliver the inaugural Paul R. Epstein Memorial Lecture at Memorial Church. I was lucky enough to get a gig working the coat check at the reception that Mr. Gore attended before the address. I hung guests’ coats, fingers crossed that I might get a chance to deliver our letter. Suddenly, I found myself beside a coat rack, face to face with one of the greatest intellectuals of our time and the most influential environmental leader in American politics. Starstruck, I reached into my back pocket…

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