Making History: The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

When I tell people that my mission to make climate change the defining issue of my generation, most people say: “you’re on the right side of history.” In other words, they say that I’m part of a movement that will be recounted in the historical record for generations to come (hopefully…if we mitigate global warming). I understand and agree with this sentiment, but today I read something that made me stop short with overwhelming inspiration and honor and gave me a new perspective on the historical narrative.

It was this blog post, “DIVESTMENT RISING: Student #FossilFree Movement Demands 230 Campuses #DivestNow,” from the Energy Action Coalition.

It’s one thing to say that you’re part of history. It’s another thing to say that you’re making history. And the divestment movement is making history. I am honored to be working with activists at Harvard and around the country. While I’m almost too cognizant of the challenges that my generation faces, seeing a movement like this gives me an indefatigable hope that we will mitigate global warming, change the world, and create a new economy for generations to come.

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