North Dakota Oil Boom From Space

We’ve all seen the classic picture of the world lit up at night. It’s a sobering reminder of human’s impact on our planet. A world that would normally be black is brightly emitting yellow light into the universe.

But a recent satellite shot of America at night shows “yellow light” in the middle of North Dakota. That doesn’t seem right. What’s going on? Well, it’s a huge oil and gas field that’s burning through the night.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.20.50 AMOne hundred fifty oil companies, big ones, little ones, wildcatters, have flooded this region, drilling up to eight new wells every day on what is called the Bakken formation. Altogether, they are now producing 660,000 barrels a day — double the output two years ago — so that in no time at all, North Dakota is now the second-largest oil producing state in America. Only Texas produces more, and those lights are a sign that this region is now on fire … to a disturbing degree. Literally.”

And six years ago, those lights didn’t exist. It’s been the recent development of oil and natural gas in this region that has led to fires that are literally seen from space.

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