More Evidence for Climate Action

Here are two reports that highlight why climate action is needed now.

First, there was this article in The Guardian (“Global food crisis will worsen as heatwaves damage crops, research finds“) that talks about a recent report which came to these conclusions:

“New research, which used corn growing in France as an example, predicts losses of up to 12% for maize yields in the next 20 years. A second, longer-term study published on Sunday indicates that, without action against climate change, wheat and soybean harvests will fall by up to 30% by 2050 as the world warms.”

The article also highlights the importance of cutting carbon emissions quickly so that the effects of global warming are not as severe. For me, the bottom line of the article is this: climate change affects every single part of our lives: from food production to health to water. Everything is interconnected, so positive feedback loops abound. That’s why mitigation is crucial.

Second,  the National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee released the third National Climate Assessment Report. It essentially says that climate change is happening now (yes it is!). We are feeling effects now. And we have to act now. “Global climate is changing, and this is apparent across the U.S. in a wide range of observations. The climate change of the past 50 years is due primarily to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels.” It’s affecting human health, sea levels, eco systems, crops, water sources…the list goes on and on.

The evidence is there. The data is tested and supported. Action is needed–both adaptation and mitigation. But the tar sands is being extracted and fossil fuels are being still being burned with no sign of letting up. Solutions will come from all parts of our society. As individuals, we can make a difference by educating ourselves and joining local efforts. We can divest to take a moral stand. Educate to raise awareness.


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