Moving Forward At Divest Harvard

Before Thanksgiving break, members of Divest Harvard (students calling on Harvard to divest from fossil fuel companies and reinvest in socially responsible funds) were thrilled to see that 72% of students who voted in the student government election support fossil fuel divestment. Now where do we go from here?

An article in The Crimson entitled “University ‘Not Considering’ Divestment” reveals the administration’s position.

YET, it has become the second most read article on The Crimson website this week. And then this Crimson article–“As Other Colleges Discuss Divestment, Harvard Stays Mum“–was published, showing how administrations at other universities have been meeting with students working on fossil fuel divestment. Why is Harvard not meeting with students?

AND this Staff Editorial–“Respect Our Referenda“–shows how other students at Harvard think that the Harvard administration should be more open to meeting with students and respect the outcome of a student vote.

Divest Harvard is working to arrange a meeting with President Faust. We want to help Harvard become a leader and uphold its values. But this is what moves me: we started this campaign three months ago. In one semester, fossil fuel divestment has become a central issue on campus. We mobilized a 72% victory in our student government election, and now we have The Crimson reporting on our work and advocating for our cause. This is what a movement looks like.

To close, here is a picture from Swarthmore Mountain Justice’s action recently. It features the logos of different universities working on fossil fuel divestment. #DivestNow.


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