Climate Change Resources

I wanted to share a few resources that are very informative and helpful!

1) Stay updated on COP18 in Doha, Qatar here! Courtesty of Tcktcktck.

2) UNEP–Emission Gap Report 2012: The UNEP has released emission gap reports since 2012. The purpose is to quantify the gap between national GHG reduction goals and the emission reductions needed to stay below 2 degrees Celsius warming (considered the maximum warming threshold). The 2012 reports shows that “Current global emissions are already considerably higher than the emissions level consistent with the 2 [degrees Celsius] target in 2020 and are still growing. ” We have a lot of work to do.

3)  World Bank–Turn Down The Heat: Why a 4°C warmer World Must Be Avoided: If we do not take action to reduce global GHG emissions, our planet will warm beyond 4 degrees Celsius. This world bank report outlines what will happen if global warming takes over.

4) NYT–What Could Disappear: This is a useful resource from the NYT showing how sea level rise will affect coastal areas.

5) To end on a good note: Public Support For Climate and Energy Policies in September 2012: This is from the Climate Change in the American Mind series by Yale and George Mason Universities. (Check out the whole series. It is one of the most useful resources out there). The report shows that there is overwhelming public support for green legislation. 3 key findings:

  • “A large majority (77%) say global warming should be a “very high” (18%), “high” (25%), or “medium” priority (34%) for the president and Congress. One in four (23%) say it should be a low priority.
  • Six in ten Americans (61%) say the U.S. should reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions regardless of what other countries do.
  • A large majority of Americans (88%) say the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs…”

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