Divestment News

An exciting update: Unity College in Maine has announced that they have divested from fossil fuels! You should read Stephen Mulkey’s statement. This paragraph particularly resonated with me:

“Those within higher education must now do something they have largely avoided at all costs: confront the policy makers who refuse to accept scientific reality.  We must be willing to lead by example. Like the colleges and universities of the 1980’s that disinvested from apartheid South African interests – and successfully pressured the South African government to dismantle the apartheid system – we must be willing to exclude fossil fuels from our investment portfolios. We must divest.”

Maine just voted for Obama AND legalized same-sex marriage AND is home to Unity College. I am feeling quite proud of my home state.

But the fight still continues at Harvard. With our $30.7 billion endowment–the largest of any in the world–it is a tough sell. But this is a moral argument. Despite Harvard’s 14 geothermal wells, solar arrays, and 50 LEED certified buildings, our endowments is invested in companies that are literally threatening the future of life on Earth. This contradiction is insupportable by a university that serves as an intellectual and moral leader around the world. I’ll post an update on Divest Harvard soon!

One last note: the 350.org Do The Math tour kicked off in Seattle last night. The mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, announced that he is trying to divest the city from fossil fuels. Wow!


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