Obama Won–Now Let's Stop Climate Change

Obama won the 2012 Presidential election. The Senate has a Democratic majority. Women will be able to control their bodies. Civil rights will be for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation. And–hopefully–we will be able to avert a climate crisis.

As President Obama said: “This is not fiction, this is science. Unchecked, climate change will pose unacceptable risks to our security, our economies, and our planet.” Now we will hold Barack to his word and pave a path for meaningful climate legislation.

The climate movement is also dependent on individuals taking action. We must rise to show that we want our politicians to pass climate legislation, and we must also make changes in our own lives. Today, November 7, 350.org and Bill McKibben are launching the Do The Math tour to educate people about the climate crisis and build a robust movement for change. The tour kicks off tonight in Seattle, and it will go to 20 cities around the country. By coming together under President Obama and a Democratic Senate, we can call for action on climate change. So join 350 and people around the country to stop global warming and call for a clean, healthy, just future.

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