Frankenstorm and Climate Change

As I sit here in my dorm looking out my window, trees are bending over at a 90 degree angle and rain is flying horizontally. Hurricane Sandy–or Frankenstorm–is barreling towards Boston.

I found this article  as a I perused the Internet this morning. 50 million people are endangered by this storm. And most of them are in cities. Does it make you just a little scared?

It makes me a little scared, especially because I know that storms like this will occur more and more frequently with climate change. Sandy is particularly ferocious because ocean temperatures are so warm. Read this article in Think Progress to learn more about that science.

Bottom line: climate change is here. It’s actually outside my window. It’s outside 50 million people’s window. Are the profits of giant fossil fuel corporations so important that we risk millions of peoples’ lives? 


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