Two Reports To Read

Two reports came out today that you should read.

1) Going to Extremes: Climate Change and the Increasing Risk of Weather Disasters. This report, put together by US Representatives Ed Markey and Henry Waxman, highlights the now unavoidable correlation between climate change and extreme weather. Read for fantastic data like ” The complete 2011 list of $1 billion disasters include…” (p. 13).

2) Politicians and Their Professors: The Discrepancy Between Science and Policy. This report is compiled by Better Future Project, a Cambridge (MA)-based non-profit that works to foster the transition away from fossil fuels. It “examines the discrepancy between politicians and their university alma maters on climate change by comparing the stances of Presidential candidates and Harvard Alumni Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as well as every current and prospective member of Massachusetts’ Congressional delegation to the peer-reviewed research of the scientists from each politician’s alma mater. Of the 203 professors found to be publishing on climate change, 202 agree with the consensus (99.5%). Yet of the 16 MA current and prospective federal politicians, only 9 (56.25%) explicitly back the climate consensus. Click here to read the full report, and here to read the research conducted on the professors. Click here for the press release.”


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