Beautiful Trouble and Global Non-Violent Action Database

The title of this post sounds like a mouthful, and it is. But these are two of the most useful tools that I have come across in a long time. “Beautiful Trouble” is a collection of online toolkits and resources for activists. The “Global Non-Violent Action Database” is pretty much what it sounds like, and it will probably exceed your expectations.

Beautiful Trouble is a book and online toolkit for activists and organizers. Principles, tactics, and case studies are shared to give theoretical and pragmatic advice. The thing that I like the most about Beautiful Trouble is the honesty and forthrightness. For example, the theory of the “political identity paradox” is very important.

I think that the Occupy movement was subject to this phenomenon, which is why it alienated many people and didn’t continue with the same momentum that it started with.

Global Non-Violent Action Database is simply a fantastic resource. If you want to know how individuals have protested the Vietnam War, fought for civil rights in the 1960’s, or mobilized universities to divest from South Africa during apartheid, then check out this resource.


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