Run Away From Ryan

I just wrote this article for Next Gen Journal about the dangers of Paul Ryan’s policies. Please comment with your thoughts!

Run Away From Ryan

by Chloe Maxmin | Harvard University

This piece is going to be short with one message: Paul Ryan is a right-wing radical who endangers civil liberties, social justice, and the future of our planet. Today’s youth must have enough wisdom, clarity, and intelligence to recognize the severe dangers of Ryan’s policies and work to re-elect President Obama. If you are a woman or a member of the LGBT community, if you or anyone in your family depends on Medicare or is a resident of Planet Earth, then vote for Obama and raise all mighty hell to stop Ryan.

Women’s Rights

Paul Ryan co-sponosred a bill that could ban birth control and allow prosecution of women who have abortions. He also voted for a bill that would “ban federal health coverage that includes abortion.” Under Paul Ryan, a woman would not only no longer have the right to choose–she would also lose the sexual reproductive rights that women have fought to ensure for decades. Ryan also voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a bill that enables women and other workers to fight for equal pay.

Civil Rights

Paul Ryan voted to ban same-sex marriage. He has voted against the ability of gay couples to adopt children, and he did not support repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Ryan is a man who wants to control individuals’ personal choices. This is an approach that led to destructive and violent movements in the past. We must be careful now.

Environmental Justice

A searing article from Think Progress  reveals that Ryan wants to eliminate White House climate advisors. He also tried to stop the EPA from limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Ryan voted against legislation that would give money to environmental and outdoor education programs. And he voted to de-authorize the idea of endangered species’ “critical habitats.”


Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare, a program that supports 44 million elderly and disabled citizens’ medical costs. Ryan wouldn’t alter or modify this government program. He would replace it with a voucher system that would increase the individuals’ share of health care costs by $6,350. The plan would also raise the age of eligibility from 65 to 67 so that people would have to work even longer.

As a woman, advocate of civil rights and social justice, and inhabitant of Earth, I say with conviction: run away from Paul Ryan. Run away from a man who wants to threaten life as we know it on our planet, criminalize abortions, increase the cost of health care, and stop gay couples from having the happy life that all couples deserve.

Run to Obama.

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