Bill McKibben's Thought Bubble

As I’ve written many times, Bill McKibben is one of my idols. He combines his vision for a safe and socially just planet with the understanding that change begins with the individual. His organization,, has opened up the opportunity for people to make a difference and have their voices heard. Whether through online petitions, toolkits for organizing community meetings, or email blasts about upcoming rallies: 350 has reached more people than any other environmental organization before. And they do it in a way that is not just about the birds and the water (which is crucial). 350 also emphasizes the health, economic, political, and social justice components of the climate movement.

350, led by Bill, is now turning to fighting the fossil fuel industry– a force that controls our political system, has no accountability, and threatens the future of our planet and lives. A large divestiture movement is about to begin so that individuals can hit fossil fuel corporations where it really hurts: the bank. Until that gets started, educating and raising awareness is key. Here is Bill’s synopsis of the currents situation from Thought Bubble. Check it out and share, educate, share, educate…ad infinitum!

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