Project ORANGS Featured on FHTE

Good morning all!

A new venture is now featured on First Here, Then Everywhere: Project ORANGS. Founded by Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, Project ORANGS works to raise awareness about the dangers of palm oil. Madi and Rhiannon are Girl Scouts, and they learned that palm oil is an ingredient in the ever-so-famous Girl Scout cookies. Why is that bad? Palm oil is responsible for acres of deforestation. Animals, especially orangutans, are endangered by vast palm oil plantations. People are forced off of their ancestral land. All this to supply one ingredient for products that we commonly find in our homes. Madi and Rhiannon’s goal is to show people that their consumer power and individual voice can be used to raise awareness about the environmental and human rights abuses associated with palm oil and pressure companies to stop using this destructive product. Project ORANGS has spread around the world, winning the Brower Youth Award and other recognition. Read more on First Here, Then Everywhere!



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