Summer of Solidarity

From the website on this summer of solidarity:

“This summer, climate activists all over the United States confronted the fossil fuel industry with bold and courageous direct actions.

Already we’ve seen 1,000 people crowd the Ohio statehouse, thousands of anti-fracking activists on the streets of Washington DC, the shut-down of Appalachia’s largest strip mining operation, and more. This is the summer we say “Enough!” to dirty, climate-wrecking energy. This is the Summer of Solidarity and it’s not over yet — check out this timeline of events so far and come back later as more inspiring actions take place.”

This could not be more true. To commemorate this amazing summer of solidarity–and what is hopefully the beginning of a massive movement against the fossil fuel industry–350 put together a fantastic timeline of actions. I couldn’t figure out how to embed the timeline (I’m not that tech savvy).  So just click here, and stroll through an inspiring summer.

Please share your experiences from this summer!

PS: I was really impressed by the timeline builder, Timeline JS. Check it out for potential future use!


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