When It Rains, It Pours–Environment America Report

As some of you may have heard, Environment America released a new report a couple of days ago called “When It Rain, It Pours: Global Warming and the Increase in Extreme Precipitation from 1948 to 2011.” More and more people are beginning to understand and feel the effects of climate change on our lives. It is no longer an abstract idea that is threatening the Philippines. We are no longer safe from the effects of a warming climate.

But many are still skeptical because recent extreme weather could be a short-term weather pattern instead of a long-term climate pattern. This report dispels that belief. From 1948 to 2011, things are clear: climate change is real. In fact, the first sentence of the sentence is “Global warming is happening now and its effects are being felt in the United States and around the world.”

One aspect of this report that affected me the most is that New England has been at the heart of some drastic changes. We have intense rain and snow storms 85% more frequently. In my home state of Maine, the intensity of the largest storm each year increased by 20%.

Take a look at this report. It’s very important to understand how your home is being affected.


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