Canada's NEB Approves Enbridge Line 9 Reversal

Last week, Canada’s National Energy Board did something that should have made headlines in news outlets across New England. They approved Enbridge’s application to reverse the flow of Line 9, which runs from Sarnia and Montreal.

Why is this such a big deal? Two reasons:

1) Whatever is in those pipelines isn’t going to sit in Montreal. As you can see from the map above, the next logical step is to reverse the Portland-Montreal Pipeline (PMPL), which is the final component of the Trailbreaker plan. And we know the dangers associated with that.

2) The NEB approved only light crude, not tar sands. But as Jim Murphy, senior attorney for NWF, said in this blog post: “Canada is desperate for avenues to move tar sands to market, and once a pathway for oil to move from Western Canada into New England is opened up, it is only a matter of time it used to carry tar sands.”

So there is the new update. This reinforces the urgency of stopping Trailbreaker and the fossil fuel industry. Here we go!


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