Take A Stand

My last post was about an eye-opening experience about how fossil fuels are transported around our country. Now here is a post about how you can call on Congress to cut fossil fuel subsidies, ending support to an industry that pollutes our Earth and our bodies. 350.org has launched a massive campaign around this goal, and here is what you can do.

“Get Congress On The Record.” Call your elected officials and see what their position is on fossil fuel subsidies: http://endfossilfuelsubsidies.org/scoreboard/

Sign a petition: http://act.350.org/sign/make-rio-count/

And most importantly: spread the word! Share with all your friends. Mobilize support.

PS: More information on fossil fuel subsidies can be found here and here

PPS: Check out grassroutes.us.  Their name is brilliant, and they have developed a widget for websites that allows users to call their elected officials. . 



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