Watch the seas rise

Climate Central has recently come out with harrowing and urgent data about rising sea levels. What distinguishes the information this time is that Climate Central also published maps that allows people who live in coastal areas to visualize rising sea levels. You can adjust sea level to rise to see just how much 1 foot of rise affect the coastline.Moderate estimates project 1-8 inches above current levels by 2030. This has profound implications for ecosystems, economies, and communities. But what struck me the most are the maps. I can see towns that I grew up in inundated with sea water.

This map is a sign that climate change is real and here. It is not imaginary and abstract. Everyone is affected. We are feeling the effects of a changing planet, and they will only get worse if we do not act to change our behaviors and society.We have the tools to change. It is completely possible. It just takes one decision, one commitment. Then tell your friends. Then pressure your Senators and Representatives. Build-up the momentum.


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