A quote

I wanted to share this quote with you from Francesco Petrarch’s Invectives.

“For it is one thing to know, and another to love; one thing to understand, and another to will.”

Each human being on this planet is connected to nature. Whether we understand this or are just learning, there is an inextricable link between our fate and that of Mother Nature. The environmental movement is not just about reducing carbon emissions and installing LED light-bulbs. On a more fundamental level, the movement is about redefining how humanity interacts with nature. We are trying to find new ways to continue economic  prosperity while ensuring ecological and social justice. This shift involves every single person. While we may understand the need, it is something entirely different “to will,” to act, to change. So let’s think about what we know and how we can apply it. Let’s figure out ways to help our planet and ensure well-being for all. Let’s work together to turn knowledge into action.


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